Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a networked platformer currently in development for PC. Every time you die you leave a permanent corpse in the world, which other players can use as carpets, boats, paperweights and meatshields in order to advance. The harder the game gets, the more corpses pile up, and the more corpses pile up, the easier the challenges become. Work together and help others, or throw them off with bad advice and become one of the chosen few to finish each world, by scrambling up the fallen corpses of those less fortunate than you.


1st place for Innovation, Ludum Dare 28  1st Place for Jam Innovation – Ludum Dare 28

Like in Dark Souls, you can guide or mislead others. Unlike Dark Souls, you’re a bear.- Porpentine, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Un-bear-ably good.- Chris Higgins, Indie Haven

The concept is hilariously innovative. Plus you’re a bear with a baseball cap.- Adam Paris, Indie Statik

If Super Meat Boy was a puzzle platformer, it would probably look something like this.- Gamezebo

Bizarre.- Keith Stuart, The Guardian

Rating: PREPARE TO BENEFIT FROM THOSE WHO DIE/10- Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Alpha Footage

Here’s some footage from the early alpha of the game:


Extended gameplay:

Open Development

SRBR is in open development. You can directly influence the game with your feedback, or just watch the project as it happens, task by task. Everything except the assets is open to the public. You can keep up with the progress here. We also do a fair bit of stuff live on stream. The code/design/music stream from Alex is here. The art stream from Dan is here.

Press and Streamers

There are alpha builds available for any interested press or streamers. If you’re one such person, feel free to drop an email for access. Right now an xbox 360 controller is required to play. For interested streamers/youtubers, we’d be happy to provide personalised touches for your stream too, like a personalised version of Rude Bear just for your stream.


If you’re interested on playing the game before anyone else, you can playtest and get the game for free in exchange for your time and help. If you’d like to join in, please add your details here.