Super Rude Bear Resurrection is a super tight masocore platformer, but every time you die your corpse stays behind – making the game easier. As your bodies pile up, you can use them as carpets, meatshields and paperweights, though if you’re good enough you never have to die at all.

Rude Bear is a gangster bear from East London who’s summoned back in time to medieval England by his mortal nemesis, The Wizard, and forced to overcome challenges that are so lethal he’ll (probably) need to be resurrected hundreds of times to stand any chance of getting out.

The Rude Bear universe takes place in a fantasy British grime world, with grafitti skylines and a grime soundtrack produced by Deeco.

It’s been exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, PAX East, EGX, EGX Rezzed, GDC, GameCity 9, Insomnia51/52/53/54, Radius Festival, Indievelopment, Feral Vector, CultureTECH and Update.

We plan to release in Europe, Japan and America.

We’re coming to Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita.


1st place for Innovation, Ludum Dare 28  1st Place for Innovation out of 2064 entries – Ludum Dare 28 Jam

Press Quotes:

Ridiculously, outrageously compelling- Keith Stuart, The Guardian
Move over Paddington- The Daily Telegraph
Usefully morbid- Phil Savage, PC Gamer
Unlike Dark Souls, you’re a bear- Porpentine, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Un-bear-ably good- Chris Higgins, Indie Haven
The concept is hilariously innovative. Plus you’re a bear with a baseball cap- Adam Paris, Indie Statik
If Super Meat Boy was a puzzle platformer, it would probably look something like this.- Gamezebo
Rating: PREPARE TO BENEFIT FROM THOSE WHO DIE/10- Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
It’s everything I want- Graham Arthur,


Alpha Footage

Here’s some footage from the early alpha of the game:

Main Trailer:

Fairy Trailer:

Corpse Trailer:

Open Development

SRBR is in open development. You can directly influence the game with your feedback, or just watch the project as it happens, task by task. Everything except the assets is open to the public. You can keep up with the progress here. We also do a fair bit of stuff live on stream. The code/design stream from Alex is here:


Press and Streamers

There are alpha builds available for any interested press or streamers. If you’re one such person, feel free to drop an email for access.


If you’re interested on playing the game before anyone else, you can playtest and get the game for free in exchange for your time and help. If you’d like to join in, please add your details here.