Rude Bear X

A game created in 3 days for Flappy Jam.
- Programming, Music and SFX
- Pixel Art and Web Page


Move left and right with left and right
Jump with space
Fire with E
Choose bears with number keys 1-5
Cycle through next/previous bear with r/q

Also supports 360 Controllers:

Move with the analogue stick
Jump with A
Fire with B
Change bears once unlocked with X/Y
Pause with Start

Download for Windows here.

Rude Bear X Mega Bear
1. Mega Rude Bear
Weapon: Lemon Gun
Ability: Recharges Ammo
Defeat to Unlock: (Default)
2. Dark Bear
Weapon: Sine Wave Shooter
Ability: Wall Jump
Defeat to Unlock: Smashy
Rude Bear X Dark Bear
Rude Bear X Robot Bear
3. Robot Bear
Weapon: Rockets
Ability: High Jump
Defeat to Unlock: Fairy
4. Polar Bear
Weapon: Snowball Blaster
Ability: Fast Movement
Defeat to Unlock: Cralien
Rude Bear X Polar Bear
Rude Bear X Zombie Bear
5. Zombie Bear
Weapon: Bones.
Ability: Double Jump
Defeat to Unlock: DETHKUBE