The crypt is badly drawn, but those are stairs on the edge.
You can walk round them up to the ghost. Apologies for the confusion.
Scroll down for spell list.

Rude Bear RPG

A game created in one weekend at Insomnia52 for Ludum Dare 30. The theme was "Connected Worlds". By:
- Code, Art, Music
- Puppet drawings
- Title Screen music

Rude Bear RPG is the heartwarming tale of a heroic bear led astray by satanists.


  • Walk with WASD.
  • Operate all menus/battles with the mouse.
  • Defend when enemies charge big attacks.
  • Save $wag Points for $wag Attacks.


Rude Bear

  • Bullet Time (2 $C): Slows down the game time so defense is easier.
  • Galvanise (4 $C): Gives 4$C to the chosen ally.
  • White Lightning (6 $C): Strong magic attack, targets 1 enemy.
  • Rain Dance (8 $C): Magic attack, targets all enemies.
  • Martyvate (10 $C): Sacrifices Rude Bear to fully swag out Rad Boar and Robed Bird.

Rad Boar

  • Seismic Chop (2 $C): Strong physical attack.
  • Attention Hog (4 $C): Sticks a Kick Me sign to one ally. This ally will then take all enemy attacks. Using it twice on the same character removes it.
  • Boarrier (6 $C): Grants a shield to one ally, which doubles their defense until it wears off.
  • Hamdemic (8 $C): Sends out Swine Flu and damages all enemies with magic.
  • Sepporku (10 $C): Sacrifices Rad Boar to give super shields to both allies. These shields last significantly longer.

Robed Bird:

  • Dark Chant (2 $C): Heals all allies.
  • Storm Patrol (4 $C): Harms all enemies with a magic attack.
  • Phoenix Up (6 $C): Revives one ally and/or heals all their HP.
  • Scythe Bill (8 $C): A barrage of 8 consecutive physical attacks, does a lot of damage.
  • Bleeding Heart (10 $C): Sacrifices Robed Bird to max revive both other party members. DOES NOT REVIVE PROPERLY IN THIS BUILD.

Download for Windows here