Rude Bear Revengeance

A game created in one weekend for Ludum Dare 29. The theme was "Beneath The Surface" by:
- Code, Design, GFX, SFX, Webpage.
- Graphics
- Lift/Title/Desert Music
- Underground Music
- Original Webpage design.

Rude Bear conceived by:

Rude Bear Revengeance is the heartwarming tale of an ursine cyborg resurrected to hunt down his mortal nemesis with an armada of supercharged cyberpunk techniques.


  • Move with WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Jump with space (jump infinitely after getting the powerup).
  • Wallrun by walking into a wall after getting the powerup.
  • Aim the whip with the mouse after obtaining it.
  • Fire and recoil the whip with left click.
  • Reel yourself towards the whip with right click.
  • Dive kick with E.

Download for Windows here