Rude Bear is a game made in one weekend for Ludum Dare's game jam. It came 72nd overall, 69th for graphics and 9th for humour. You can see its LD48 page here. Enjoy!


Left click/Ctrl = Attack
Space = Dodge (Temporary invincibility). Right click works too, but it brings up a menu. If you click full screen mode it'll work.
A and D/Left and Right arrows to move.

If you collect a weapon, use the number keys to select it.
1 = Claws
2 = Baseball bat
3 = Chainsaw

Kill goats and flamingos and smash up bear traps, beehives and bins with weapons to get more SWAG. Max out your swag bar to hustle. If you're struggling to play, watch this video to see how to kill each monster.

Download for Windows here.

Code by Alex Rose
Drawings by Antony Dewar