Midas - Press Space to play (or A on 360 controller)

A game created in 8 hours for EGX Rezzed Creative Assembly Jam 2014 by a team of strangers. The theme was "Touch".
Main content by:
- Code, Design, GFX, Music
- Design, SFX, Code
- Title Art, Background Art, Character Art
- 3D Environments

Postrelease content by:
- Design, SFX, Music, Web Page, GFX
- Background Art, Enemy Art, Additional Objects

Midas is the story of an afflicted ghost, who turns everything he touches to gold. His power is both a blessing and a curse, and requires careful consideration of what should be interacted with.

Touch objects to cause them to burst into gold coins, and use them to clamber to victory.

Post game content was created on the 2 days after Rezzed. To access it, use the smoke on the key level, break its chain, and use the coins to push it to the hell door or heaven door, for two large bonus levels, with content such as enemies, water, seesaws and switches.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Move with WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Jump with Space
  • Zoom with Shift

Xbox 360 Controls:

  • Move with Left Analogue Stick
  • Jump with A
  • Zoom with LT/RT

Download for Windows here
Rezzed Presentation
Alex's Postmortem